AWESOME: This is the Ultimate Road Trip Through Europe

Are we on our way yet? ✈

We just can't get enough of tropical destination and easily forget in the process that Europe is insanely beautiful too. Staying close to home has it advantages and this road trip proves it. Data Scientist Randal S. Olson mixed up his love for date and love for traveling and created the ultimate Europe Roadtrip. We're impressed! 

Three months, 27 countries, 26.211 km. That's according to Olson the ultimate trip across Europe. The scientist only had one goal: including as much beautiful places from the list '50 places in Europe you need to visit in your lifetime' on the schedule. En we are mind-blown. This road trip looks fantastic! From Italy to Poland to Estland and even Belgium. Europe never looked better. 

  1. Innsbruck, Austria
  2. Munich, Germany
  3. Pag, Croatia
  4. Venice, Italy
  5. Tuscany, Italy
  6. Florence, Italy
  7. Rome, Italy
  8. Vatican CITY
  9. Amalfi, Italy
  10. Gozo, Malta
  11. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  12. Santorini, Greece
  13. Rila monastery, Bulgaria
  14. Istanbul, Turkey
  15. Sighisoara, Romania
  16. Budapest, Hungary
  17. Vienna Austria
  18. Prague, Czech Republic
  19. Krakow, Poland
  20. Jägala Waterfall, Estonia
  21. Lapland, Finland
  22. ICEBAR, Sweden
  23. Bergen, Norway
  24. Copenhagen, Denmark
  25. Berlin, Germany
  26. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  27. Keukenhof, the Netherlands
  28. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  29. Inverness, United Kingdom
  30. Ballybunion, Ireland
  31. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
  32. Cornwall, UK
  33. Stonehnge, United Kingdom
  34. London, United Kingdom
  35. Brussels, Belgium
  36. Paris, France
  37. Pamplona, Spain
  38. Lagos, Portugal
  39. Granada, Spain
  40. Ibiza, Spain
  41. Barcelona, Spain
  42. Luberone, France
  43. Nice, France
  44. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  45. Interlaken, Switzerland


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