Packing Your Day Pack, an illustrated guide

Although we might know we should be more prepared when we go outdoors, it’s easy to hit the trail with nothing more than a water bottle sometimes. It can seem like enough. But is it really?

You never know when the weather will turn, when the trail will disappear in overgrowth, when you’ll run out of water…. Since it’s hard to know exactly WHAT is essential or extra (but worth the weight) for a day hike, check out this handy illustrated 'day pack list' guide from @Sheexplores to an expertly-packed day pack:

Day Packlist

On our Day pack list: 

These are the items you should definitely take with you on your hike. This day pack list includes all the items that make your trip go smoothly. Down below you can find the essential items. 


   • Plenty of Water - Keep it cool all day in an isolated bottle 

  • Snack(s) - Keep in mind that chocolate melts.

  • Sun protection - Sunglasses, sunscreen plus your favourite hat make a   good combo.

  • Navigation - Trail map and a handy compass or a GPS if you like it high   tech. 

  • A multi tool - Simple, and necessary 

  • An extra layer - A waterproof puffer is compact for your day pack and   offers great insulation if the temperature drops.

  • Emergency kit - A flashlight, matches/fire starter, paracord, whistle,   garbage bag, etc. Are the small things you probably wont use but could be VERY glad to have with you in an emergency survival situation. 




   Extra Items to bring: 

  • Camera - For capturing the  memories of this trip.

  • Notebook and pen - To write field notes and trial reflections. Or to draw. 

  • Headphones - Listening to music or a podcast, especially during a long Solo hike. 

  • Poop kit - Toilet paper, baby wipes, hand sanitiser. 

  • A watch - to keep track of time.

 We’re proponents of using what you have and making what you can. It shouldn’t be difficult or expensive to be prepared. Be smart and safe, and have fun out there! Remember to bring back everything you took with you on the trip, including your trash. 

Source: Hailey Hirst is the Digital Content Editor for She Explores and a multi-passionate creative who thrives on the often-overlooked details. She lives in Kelowna, British Columbia and provided this day hike pack list. Find her on Instagram


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