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Sometimes the easiest way to give a really great gift is to keep it really simple. For anyone with minimalist friends you will know that it can be difficult to find something that won’t end up at the back of a cupboard or re-gifted after a suitable period of time. So I’ve put together this gift guide that are not only simple and beautiful but also useful for everyday life!

1. This beautiful Boulder Pink Kosui Mug is perfect for a calm morning coffee
2. Plants make us happier! (And apparently more attractive…) Keep them contained in this terrarium
3. Keep hydration simple with this fruit infuser water bottle.
4. Anything copper in the kitchen please!
5. White Christmas winter warmers.
6. Let them take their essentials everywhere with this minimalist backpack 
7. Wake up to positive mantra wall art everyday without the fuss of framing.
8. Because you don’t have to get rid of your record collection to embrace minimalism!
9. This Rose Gold Watch is all the arm candy you need!
10. Marble x minimalist = dream phone case! And there’s a portable charger to go with it.
11. Is this the worlds most shiny, gorgeous lip balm?
12. Minimalists still need somewhere to put their keys! These hanging wall vessels will work.

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  • This is perfect for the minimalist, great gift guide!


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