5 Reasons You Need a Tactical Backpack

Tactical Backpack

There are people loving a clean, organised backpack. Some people even buy a 13 inch laptop because the 15.6 option wouldn't fit as perfectly. We totally respect that and can even relate to that decision in some degree.
But this was not really the type of person we had in mind for Sam's Tactical Backpack! This particular tactical backpack was made to throw around, stuff up to the maximum and take anywhere. But why should YOU get it?

Tactical Backpack

1. It's Big and Tough
We've started looking for soft spots in 'the usual backpack' and then looked for a toughened version. Not quite military grade but we'd like to think it's pretty close. It has a more rectangle shape which increases the maximum capacity of the backpack.

2. Versatility
In some situations a duffel bag comes in more handy than a backpack or just looks better. With one simple zip, you can hide the back straps, attach the shoulder strap and you simply turn it into a tactical duffel bag whenever you need to. Whether you're going to the gym or just on a small hike, this backpack has your needs covered.

Tactical Backpack

3. It Has All The Bells and Whistles You Need

Complete with an extra padded laptop sleeve fitting laptops up to 15.6", a stretchy side compartment for your water bottle and a big main compartment to fit all your gear, this backpack has the key features that ensures you of surviving your daily commute. See more on everyday carry backpacks on this page.

4. Stains don't Matter

Using your backpack daily will eventually lead to some stains - there's no way of stopping that - but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sam's Tactical Backpack looks even more badass when it has 'aged'.

5. Meet Your New Travel Bag

Similar to reason #2, this tactical backpack's main strength is its versatility. Use it to go hiking or connect the shoulder strap and replace your suitcase with this durable bag. Combine it with a set of packing cubes and your travel bag is complete!   


Buy Sam's Tactical Backpack here.

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