The 5 Best Backpacks for Everyday Carry

Best carry on backpack

The backpack is an item we see so many times that we easily underestimate the importance of it. After all, for most of us it's the container in which we stash everything we need to get through the day. And we think this warrants a bit of consideration.

Yes, you could toss everything in your tote bag but let's be honest, your gear deserves better than this. If you'd ask us, the best gear deserves the best bag. That's why we've put together a short list of the 5 best backpacks for everyday carry. Whether you're weaving through the city on a bike everyday or taking the subway to commute to work, there's a backpack here for you.

The Minimalist Travel Backpack
While not being the biggest one of the selection, this minimalist travel backpack deserves bonus points for its supremely clean aesthetic. With a weather-proof fabric and large amount of padded pockets for storing your gear on top of an optional USB port for charging your device on the go, this backpack is the ultimate companion of the modernist man.
minimalist backpack
The Tactical Backpack
This tough looking, rugged tactical backpack is not only the biggest one of the selection, but also the most heavy-duty qualified one of them all. Designed for long hikes, this bag features multiple handles, a strengthened shoulder strap and extra padded straps for long lasting comfort. 
The All-Round USB Backpack
Arguably being the best backpack with charger on this list, the all-round usb backpack is the perfect solution for surviving the daily commute. At your disposal, you have a more than sufficient enough amount of pockets, a part of them with extra padding. It fits laptops up to 15.6 inches as well as your books and everything else you need to get through the day. Fitted with anti-theft technology and a spill proof fabric, this backpack gives a whole new meaning to surviving the daily commute. Currently being on sale, this particular backpack is a must-check.
backpack with charger
The Single Strap Backpack
If you're asking us, this backpack is getting major style points for integrating a classic (faux) leather strap system into an otherwise classic look. And while a belt-buckle style flip top closure doesn’t offer the greatest rapidity of access, it does offer security. Fitted with a USB port for charging your phone or other devices on the go and an integrated laptop sleeve (up to 15.6"), this backpack is perfect for students.
The Casual Backpack
The little brother of our Iconic USB Backpack. This casual backpack is lighter, more functional and designed for ease of use and versatility. Also having the easy-to-use charger option, this backpack makes a great bang for your buck if you need a reliable backpack to accompany you every day on your commute. Currently being 35% off, this backpack is a no brainer.
backpack with charger

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