The Backpack with Charger You Need

Backpack with charger
What are you searching in a backpack?
A great look?
Resistance to water?
Safety/Anti-theft features?
A backpack with charger option?

The most important thing about a backpack is the adaptivity to your current lifestyle and region.
The capability of enduring wind, rain and sun while blocking any chance of pickpockets and adding the option of charging your electronics on-the-go is a vital combination for a great all-round backpack in 2019.
We believe Theo is the number one backpack checking off the most boxes.

Backpack with chargerThe bag is made of synthetic polyester and weighs only 0.46 KG making it the perfect companion for long wielding sessions like 10h+ hikes or travel in general.
Inside, it holds multiple compartments including a 15.6 inch laptop pouch and has a hidden sleeve at the back for tablet sized objects followed by 2 side pouches for water bottles. It always comes with a hanger to lock both zippers together for extra safety.

Backpack with chargerAs you could read at the start of this post, it is a backpack with charger option. The USB-port is located at the side and is connectable to power bank on the inside. (not included) When using this bag as a travel bag, the maximum capacity of a power bank allowed on a plane is 27000 mAh.

Backpack with charger
Theo is not the only backpack with charger option, check out these backpacks with similar features.

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