The Iconic USB Charging Backpack

The All-in-one USB-charging Backpack

The All-in-one USB charging backpack has become the icon of our collection as the demand for a backpack with USB charging was compelling. Living in a society in which smartphones, tablets and laptops have become indispensable, we figured that a normal backpack just wasn't enough. Here's what we did.

The basic features were easily added. We wanted a sturdy zipper, multiple user-friendly compartments and an ergonomic design. Based on information about the most carried items in a backpack we made sure it had a slot for everything and that the items were kept in place during your whole day.

The all-in-one USB-charging backpack

The next feature added was vital for people living or travelling in large, populated cities. And as you all know, large crowds attract pickpockets and thieves. These professionals would open a normal backpack up without you ever noticing it and steal all your precious belongings. With our corrected and hidden zippers the thieves' techniques won't work.


Water is lethal to many electronic devices and books, that is why we adding a water-resistant layer was necessary to say the least. Spilling a drink on it won't damage any of your gear.

Last but not least, the USB-charging feature. This is by far the most demanded feature in today's backpack industry. Having a power source on your back is a luxury you don't want to miss out on. Whether you're at school, at work or on a trip, charging your electronics on the go has become a must-have in this digital era.

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