5 Best City Trip Backpacks of 2020

When going on a city trip, taking the right backpack will play a large role in the way your mini vacation will pan out. We've looked at the most important features a city-trip-ready backpack should have and made a top 5 for you. Let's have a look

Number 1

Ray' Vintage Backpack The one advantage this backpack has above all others is its way of making you crave for adventure when seeing it or putting it on. It takes you back to the root of exploring and makes you wanna roam the magical woods, huge city's and enormous mountains. No USB charging option, no built-in massage mode. Just a premium quality, adventure companion. No wonder this is our best selling backpack of 2020.

Number 2

Tyler's Urban Backpack

Attachable to other luggage: Check ✔️

Patted back-support: Check ✔️ Impeccable Urban look: Check ✔️ Volume adjust-ability: Check ✔️ Rain-proof: Check ✔️ Multiple pouches: Check ✔️ Pick-pocket proof: Check ✔️

Authorized on Airplanes: Check ✔️

Suitable for long Wearing: Check ✔️ Laptop Sleeve: Check ✔️

Seems like a pretty good choice, don't you think?

Number 3

Tess's Carry On Backpack

Wile the ones above are all-rounded powerhouses. Tess's Carry On Backpack didn't steal its name.

It's the perfect fill-and-go type of sack for those who want to make the most of their travel experience. Thanks to a double closing (zipper and strap) you don't have to worry about pickpockets. Six colors available and they all keep you looking fashionable and sporty. At a pretty shocking price.

Number 4

Jenn's Daily Traveler

A compact storage option that still fits all. Jenn's elegance will suit you well in Rome, New York or Paris. Big enough to fit all your essentials and keep them safe and protected. Small enough to not be a burden. Elegant enough to look amazing on all your travel pictures.

Number 5

Mo's Minimalism Backpack

A 2020-ready slick-looking backpack with all necessary compartments for an organised city-trip. Open up and start documenting your experiences. Blend in. Stand out. A minimalist's travel backpack.

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