The 5 Handbags That Will Complete Your Outfit No Matter What

Handbags are the make or break for your outfits, here are the 5 essentials that you need that will conquer every occasion! Handbags are a Must-have accessory that every woman needs in her dresser. We often find ourselves guilty of having more than one…right? Yet with all that in our thoughts, it is actually possible to own less and still complete every outfit, as long as you own the essential models we recommend. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more!

1. The Crossbody Purse

This purse is the lightest option of the handbags selection and the kind that you can just slip on and go. The most perfect handbag, for the type of girl who doesn’t pack a lot or is trying to limit herself on how much she can take out with her for that traveling boss lifestyle. The most wanted for crossbody in the designer list this season is the typical timeless Chanel Le Boy or the YSK Kate minimalist chained bag. However, not everyone is willing to depart with the cash for the insane prices that come with these bags. So, many brands are making their own cheaper dupes that have the same certain features: 

2. The Structured Tote Bag

This choice of all the handbags is for the all around business lady, who has places to go and people to see. This bag is guaranteed to complete your work/business ensemble and ensures all your necessary work equipment can be packed at the ready. We all know there are the designer favourites like the Celine bag, however, anyone can have this structured and elegant look for less as Packingtheessentials have an amazing dupe that has such similarities, it is hard to notice the difference! The key extra touch and attention to detail that can make your handbag scream classiness, is by adding a small scarf around the hand strap of the bag.

3. The Clutch Bag

So, there are handbags to carry everything, and then there are some that carry hardly anything-but the essentials! That’s right, these are clutch bags, the perfect companion for a city girl hitting the town and all she needs is her lipstick and cell, to party the night away! Usually, they come with a two in one option, where the chain/strap is removable, like this Olivia Bag that can be held between the body and arm, so you can casually dance without being too restricted.

4. The Bucket Bag

Bucket handbags have become all the rage this past year within spring and summer catwalks, for their uniqueness in shape. They have a subtle casualness about them that can be rocked up to a beach date, or a casual social day out in the city. Their fastening characteristics brings back reminiscent times of the ’90s, when everyone wanted the Louis string tightened bucket bag and alas the fashion has come back round again!

5. The Shoulder bag

Again, of all the handbags this style has the most chic vibe about it. It would complete most outfits, yet look particularly good with a floaty dress and laid back biker boots. It does, however, have a very functional aspect to it, being that it has a large size. Yet beware: this bag is vulnerable to being filled to the brim with all sorts of items, It is a girls habit to carry the world on her shoulders right? Find the Madison Handbag Right here

Do you have these styles of bags within your wardrobe? Make sure you send and share with your girl cliques, so we can all conquer and complete every future outfit!


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